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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Camellia oil, Tsubaki oil, a beauty oil that enrichers your skin cells resulting in a clear, healthy complexion.

Camellia Oil, the multi-vitamin cocktail you should have in your daily skincare routine.

This beautiful light oil absorbs deep into the lower layers of your skin, supporting healthy cell rejuvenation, which helps with restoring skin elasticity. Containing vitamins A, B, C, D and E, as well as Omega 3, 6 and 9, this vitamin cocktail is a boost of natural energy, leaving your skin healthy and glowing.

Vitamins and omegas found in Camellia oil benefit your skin in so many ways. Here are some of the benefits you will gain when using camellia oil daily.

Camellia oil is a non-comedogenic oil, reducing the chance of acne, as well as an anti-inflammatory, calming inflamed skin for better healing results. Acne is not only an unpleasant skin infection but can leave nasty scars and dark spots on your skin. Using oils like camellia oil can help maintain a clear complexion.

Anti-ageing and youthful complexion

Camellia oil has excellent antioxidant properties, protecting your skin from damaging free radicals; this helps protect your skin cells from ageing. The moisturising benefits help keep your skin hydrated, plumping skin cells, leaving you with a fresh, supple complexion. Camellia helps boost collagen production, slowing down the ageing process and firming the skin, helping to maintain skins elasticity.

This gentle oil helps heal skin, reducing scarring and fading age spots resulting in an even skin tone.

It has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce the damage of skin cells and seals in moisture, keeping the skin healthy and smooth.

Camellia oil also maintains the barrier function of the skin, protecting your skin from external pollution.



This beautiful light oil absorbs deeply into your skin, infusing your skin with a multi-vitamin cocktail but another wonderful benefit of Camellia oil is its remarkable moisturising power. Plumping and filling your skin cells with moisture, reducing the stress that dry skin causes, resulting in aged skin. Not only does Camellia oil provide wonderful moister to your skin cells, it also locks that moister in by leaving a protective barrier on the surface of your skin. This protective barrier also reduces the impact of the external environment on your skin.

Revitalising Serum

Here is why we use Camellia oil as our base oil in POKY Revitalising Serum

When formulating our range at POYK, we needed to ensure that everything that went into our bottles and then absorbed into your skin had meaning and was of the highest quality. Many natural products on the market choose low-grade fillers as base ingredients which don't offer the skincare benefits as this high-grade Camellia oil does. POYK uses high-grade organic camellia oil as the base oil for our Revitalising Serum; this is an oil that some skincare companies sell just on its own, not as part of a formulation. This organic camellia oil works within the Revitalising Serum formulation, not only boosting the benefits of the oils and essences but providing its own anti-ageing benefits.

Your Choice

There are so many skincare benefits from this wonderful, natural oil and when using it as your daily ritual you will understand why this is a choice of many skincare lovers around the world. The difference with how much you benefit from Camellia oil is mostly about the quality of the oil itself. High-grade organic oil is holds the nutritional value of the oil at higher levels and for a longer time. It is also to do with how you store this beautiful product. POYK uses violet glass bottles which dramatically reduce the level of damaging lights that can lower the effectiveness of all the vitamins, omegas and antioxidant power this oil contains.

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