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Our Story

Quality, Purity and Radiance 

People of your Kind was founded on the principle of bringing high quality, effective, natural skincare to the market. We see many natural products in the market that are diluted, and active ingredients are added at a minimal level to appear on a label.

We are committed to using only high-quality ingredients and the correct amount to achieve a beautiful, healthy completion.



We will not compromise on quality and are passionate about respecting each ingredient's integrity to maintain the active properties that will energise your skin. Our philosophy is to stay committed to the customer's experience; therefore the quality of our skincare is of the utmost importance.



People of your kind focus on designing products that are multi-performance delivering a myriad of skincare benefit.


Creating beauty products with purpose and integrity means each ingredient is carefully chosen for it’s skin nourishing properties with active botanical. People of your kind products deliver natures nourishing ingredients into your skin helping to achieve your best skin health. Rich in minerals and active properties to enhance the skin’s health leaving you with a stronger skin and radiant glow.

All People of your Kind skincare products are made free from toxins, artificial colours, artificial fragrances.

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